Dr. Bruce Watson

Why I became a chiropractor:

When I was a young child I watched my father flat on his back due to back pain.  He is a local cabinet maker and had injured his back at his shop.  It is difficult for any kid to see their parents in pain and my dad couldn’t even walk so I was pretty scared.  My grandmother recommended her chiropractor and in one visit he was back on his feet!  This experience made an impression on my young mind and certainly influenced my decision to become a chiropractor.

My name is Dr. Bruce Watson and I have been serving the local community with family chiropractic since 1997.  I have shared the story about my father because not only did it help in my decision to go into chiropractic but Pop (my dad) was also instrumental in deciding how to run my clinic.  When I first started in practice there were many different opinions I was hearing about office procedures.  I felt lost and confused.  Then it was like a light went on… how would I like my father (or any loved one) to be treated when they enter a chiropractic office?  So, here is my promise to every person who enters the door to my clinic: You will ALWAYS be taken care of like a family member.  My recommendations are ONLY based on what it takes to get you the best results and never based on what your insurance does or doesn’t cover.  My cash plans cost less than a lot of insurance copayments per visit!

Why I am a chiropractor:

I honor the body’s innate ability to heal itself.  Spinal misalignments (known as subluxations) cause pressure on the nerves exiting the spine leading to dysfunction wherever those nerves flow to and, over time, causing spinal arthritis at that level of the spine that is stuck.

Some symptoms caused by nerve blockage due to subluxations: neck pain, tingling/numbness/pain in the arm and or hands (carpal tunnel), headaches, sinus problems, asthma, earaches, digestive disturbances, low back pain, sciatic, sleep disturbances and fatigue

The chiropractic adjustment removes the spinal misalignment opening nerve flow and allowing the body to heal the way only it knows how AND putting the brakes on spinal arthritis.  In my years of practice I have seen amazing results with all of the above mentioned symptoms and more!  That being said, chiropractic does not treat any symptoms.  The gentle adjustments facilitate your body’s ability to heal.  This means you are actually getting healthier with your adjustments and as you heal better you also feel better!

To find out if chiropractic can help YOU call to schedule a check up.  Mention the website special to get our referral rate of $79 for a complete exam including any necessary x-rays (regularly $150).

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